Despite our best intentions, old patterns and communication styles can create insurmountable gaps. Building Communication Bridges – Inside and Out is a multi-day workshop designed to explore new ways of communicating and connecting with ourselves and others. Join me and a group of radical change-makers to discover your truth, maximise your resources and create new results, all while feeling supported in your transformative journey.

Have you ever cooked a pot of soup with a match? Changed a car engine with a fork? Ever thought you were being clear when communicating only to discover the other person heard something different? Are you ready to respond rather than impulsively react, transform communication challenges and communicate with clarity?

Participants reflect on the first Nelson BCB October 2023


Investment: $395
Sliding scale available on request. Payment plans available.

Jul 6/7 – 9:30 – 5:00

Wellington – Berhampore Centennial Community Centre, 493 Adelaide Rd

Jul 27/28 – 9.30 – 5:00
Auckland – Te Atatu Bridge Club, 56 Covil Ave

Aug 24/25 9.30 – 5:00
Nelson – Fairfield House, 48 Van Diemen St

Oct 12/13 9.30 – 5:00
Christchurch – 492B Moorhouse Ave, Waltham

Nov 23/24 9.30 – 5:00
Great Barrier – Tryphena Hall, 1 Medland Rd, Aotea


Space holders

Replacing oneself is an essential tradition as a Possibilitator, so I’m delighted to introduce James and Tristan, as co-space holders.

James Andrews

I have been a snowboard instructor, glacier guide, conservation worker on offshore islands, dishwasher, toilet cleaner, and a Polytech tutor for horticulture and Permaculture. I ran my own market garden for a few years, then established a Permaculture Design consultancy.

I am an instrument of Gaia, and so are you! This is excellent news and I am moved by the observation that the largest obstacle to looking after each other, ourselves and our Earth are the stories that we act out in our daily lives, the unexamined patterns and ruts that limit what we see as our horizon.

By cleaning up your communication and getting more honest about what you are really saying and trying to do, you can heal what needs healing, say what you really mean and get on with creating the world that you really want to create!

Tristan Girdwood

Tristan is a Possibility Manager based in Wellington who has been offering Possibility Coaching and Rage Club since 2020, and Inward (a 4-day transformation space for Men) since 2022. 

He creates dynamic and transformative spaces that offer thoughtware upgrades, experimenting, healing, and initiation. His facilitation style is recognised for its clarity, simplicity, presence and love.

Trainee Spaceholders:

Briar Goldie

I’m Briar, an apprentice space-holder and researcher of edges and awareness. I am committed to exploration, courageous experimentation, and fostering transformation through love and discomfort.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.” So, I invite you to courageously journey beyond your awareness, your comfort and the confines of modern culture, into the depths of the unknown – here possibilities are endless.

GO! Be brave!

Sylvan Kuczera

I’m a relationship engineer who has a passion for transformation and figuring out when communication breaks down and finding solutions to get back on track.

For many years I have been on an adventure of learning new tools to feeling better in my head. This path has landed me in these spaces with Janet and I have been blown away by experiencing how a few simple tool could change people lives.