I’m Janet, a Possibility Manager, Building Communication Bridges Trainer, and Village Healer & Weaver.


I’m a Space Holder for Learning, Healing, Growth, Aliveness and Fun. I turn obstacles into opportunities, conflict into creative results, and pain into possibility.

I am passionate about people reclaiming their Warrioress and Warrior by using conscious anger and new thoughtware to create new results in their lives and in the world.

I am a dedicated grandmother.

My ancestors on both sides were weavers in Lancashire cotton mills. – I play in the roles of daughter, sister, mother, and dedicated grandmother. Get to know me through my pepeha, a short slideshow that captures who I am – my history, my family and my ancestry.

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What people say

Ana Norambuena – Collaborator. Possibility Manager. Trainer.

“Working with Janet I experienced her innate agility to serve the space using her sharp sword or her warm chocolate heart or combining both in the perfect dose. The capacity that Janet owns to create transformation is exceptional. She opens doors where no eyes see the handle. Creating from nothing.”

Briar – Building Communication Bridges and Reclaiming Your Warrioress participant. Community Researcher.

“Janet relates from a place of deep connection – of deep being. Through her conscious use of feelings and centredness you’re plunged into the depths of your inner world to surface all that is within your body. Be prepared to take radical responsibility, experience profound transformation and feel immense freedom from your own binds. She is liberation, she is community, she is mana wāhine.”

Levi Harrison – Building Communication Bridges participant.

“Manifesting love and creativity, listening with all her bodies, connecting her intuition and genuine care with the mycorrhizal web of useful information, assisting healing and creating unlimited possibilities through simply being who she is.”

Victor – BCB participant. Tattoo Artist.

“Janet was recommended to me by my sister-in-law as I was struggling with my relationship with my mother. From my first session with Janet, I was blown away by her ability to cut through the noise to what I was actually saying, to see how much I was suffering and wanted change but couldn’t find my way out. I was amazed by her direct assertion that the driving force of my pain was actually so simple. It was shocking and powerful to have it laid out in front of me.

She suggested on our first meeting that I have a joint session with my mother and her. I definitely didn’t think I was ready for that. But this was a demonstration of Janet’s willingness to break through to new possibilities. Over the next couple of months, each session with Janet was as powerful as the first. I felt like a sandy beach, rearranged by each high tide of our meetings. She showed me the cycles my mother and I were engaged in, helped me untangle my own responsibilities and emotions from my feelings about my mother and encouraged me to feel the sadness I’d been pushing away. It was both challenging and empowering.

Finally, I felt like I could handle a session with both Janet and my mother. Janet was kind and compassionate with both of us, offering a space where we could both feel heard. I am incredibly grateful to Janet for her strength, directness and wisdom. I feel like the new possibilities she has shown me offer a life where I can communicate clearly with the people I love.”

Zoe Mcintosh – Director of the movie Stylebender.

Janet Redmond was an amazing asset to have in Stylebender, the feature Doco about Israel Adesanya.

To see the worlds champion UFC fighter dig into his vulnerability is big, especially for young boys to witness.

Janet was able to unlock the inherent contradictions in Israel and his fears but channel them into a focused power in the ring.

Read Janet’s account of this.

Let’s Transform

I am a sorceress manifesting love and creativity, a master in transformative listening with all my bodies, connecting my intuition and genuine care with the mycorrhizal web of useful information, to assist in healing and creating unlimited possibilities through simply being who I am. I welcome you to transform with me so that we can transform together.

email janetredmond@gmail.com • or message me on Telegram