A sampling of videos that go some way to describe how I work. You can find more on my YouTube channel.

Dom Harvey interview

Dom reached out to Janet immediately after watching the Israel Adesanya documentary, “Stylebender.” This conversation offers insights into Janet’s background and how she works.

Survival System Engineering

In this video Gabriela Fagundes and I explore a map of the engineering of the survival system, that we build during childhood, to make the world reliable, predictable, consistent.

All survival strategies are creative and honourable answers to the question: “How does a person like me, get along in a world like this, with people like you? [Erskine]

PIES – describing our survival mechanism

In Relational Patterns, Richard Erskine offers 4 aspects of Script, known also as our survival mechanism. I created the acronym PIES as a summary of this process. Physiological survival reactions, Implicit experiential conclusions, Explicit decisions & Self regulating introjection.

PIES, an acronym for describing our survival mechanism

Observing our driver behaviour is a doorway to knowing our survival mechanism.
How to avoid getting hooked into your own Driver behaviour.

An exploration of how an Emotional Healing Process space holder can get hooked into their own driver behaviour, and options to prevent this.