Greetings and appreciation: I really enjoyed our Building Communication Bridges: Inside & Out. I deeply appreciate each of your willingness to grow, heal, learn, have fun and be vulnerable.


The key after participating in a Building Communication Bridges: Inside & Out training is practise.

Weekly online Possibility Team: James Andrew holds a weekly online Possibility Team. This is a place for connection, learning and practise. Here’s the link for the Thursday night Possibility Team. The password is: Possibly

Call one of your team: Reach out to each other and ask for a 10 minute listening space, request a 4 feelings check-in. Let them know you are hooked and do they have possibilities.


Next Building Communication Bridges: Inside & Out

Expand The Box Training: This is the foundation training for Possibility Management.

SPARK’s Specific Practice About Radical Knowledge link. There are over 200 SPARK’s: Will you organise a monthly SPARK group. Take one of the SPARKs and explore and experiment with it for the month?


Possibility Management has over 600 websites. I invite you to look at the Becoming Unhookable website especially.

Next Culture Radio has many recordings and treasures.

Weekly Global PM Study Group: Clinton Callahan is the author of his book Radiant Joy Brilliant Love. This book is now reprinted as Building Love That Lasts. There are around 104 recordings on next culture radio of the weekly study group. The study group meets Wed 1:00 am This is the link if you are interested in joining live. If you’re not an early bird the recordings will be posted on next culture radio. Study group link

Keep your center. Stay grounded and bubbled.

Arohanui Janet